Friday, March 22, 2019

Joe's Internet -- a place so see how layer 3 works

I've learned a lot about networking from others over the years.  Usenet news, conferences, mailing lists, forums, blogs, and podcasts have been central to my learning at one point or another.  I was always learning from others, so I never really felt that I had all that much to contribute.

Lately, I've realized that a different voice telling the same story might help someone, so I decided I should start giving something to the community.

Over the last few years, I played around with the idea of Joe's Internet (J-Inet).  I've already posted one story about J-Inet and a foray into IPv6.  (In fact, the response to that addressing adventure was a big prompt to get me to write more.)

In the next few posts I'll show you the architecture of J-Inet.  We'll talk about routing policy, or the plain language that describes how we route Internet traffic.  As things progress, we'll get into router
configurations required to enact that routing policy.

I'll start with generic Cisco IOS configurations, because that's what I learned starting back in the 90s.  However, I'll swing back around and show how it can be done with different vendor's gear.  In the end, I hope people will figure out that all gear should play nicely together and that heterogeneous networking can work well.

Keep watching this space.  If I get my way, you'll learn something -- or at least get a new perspective of things you already know.  I'd like to hear your perspectives as well.

Welcome to J-Inet.  We push packets.

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